You can think of the internet and Layer 2 connections in terms of your daily commute. You know that feeling when you’re late for a meeting and conveniently there’s a huge traffic jam on your regular route?

“No, no, no, NOT TODAY,” so you frantically start going down back roads and weave your way through winding streets to get where you need to go as fast as possible.

But the worst part? Your hustle and maneuvering, while well-intended ends up taking just as much time as if you were to sit and wait in traffic. This is kind of like the internet.

Think of your “late for a meeting self” as data being transferred over the internet and the highway/side roads as the routers trying to deliver you to your destination.

The internet works like this:

  1. Data leaves your computer
  2. It’s sent through a network of carriers
  3. It goes out on your carrier, then chooses the next best carrier in line, then the next and the next, etc. until it finally reaches the intended end location.

Just like a traffic jam, you have no control over the internet. When trying to connect to a cloud server, your data could be taken through a random high latency and overused path and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is why the best access is actually Layer 2 and not on the internet. 

L2 access ensures your data is sent on a completely secure and dedicated point-to-point connection. You avoid the entire carrier-to-carrier process which means you:

  • Control jitter and packet loss
  • Reduce failure points
  • Receive guaranteed speeds
  • Have complete security

If the internet is frantically dodging cars in traffic, then L2 connectivity is like a subway system traveling on a dedicated, secure underground track. The subway maintains the same speed, going from Point A to Point B with no failure points and completely unaffected by bad drivers.

The iWAN Difference

iWAN solutions are idea for any organization that leverages Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Apps, SalesForce and many other market leading cloud platforms and software services.  Why?  Because iWAN has all the DEDICATED and PRIVATE connections directly into the backend of the leading cloud providers in Canada and the United States. 

This means you can bypass the public internet to utilize cloud applications with increased security and more control.

For organizations with more than one location, iWAN drives even more value by connecting all your locations with a single network in a private and secure way.  All offices function as a single network, regardless of where they are, without the need for expensive SD-WAN or VPN technologies that are cumbersome and unreliable – and use less reliable internet connections to function.

iWAN solutions include these back-end connections at no additional cost, and everything is proactively monitored and managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Chances are if there is an issue with your service, Infinite IT will call you to let you know we are working on resolution before you even realize it was an issue to begin with.

Infinite IT can also include a secondary circuit via a completely redundant path to ensure 100% uptime for those that the internet is mission critical to their operations.  iWAN Failover services are 100% transparent to your users, and 100% managed by Infinite IT’s network operations centre.

iWAN consistently wins awards every year for being the most available, most reliable and the best way to conduct online business and keep your organization connected.

Stop worrying about the internet with iWAN.  The most reliable and robust connectivity solution available in North America.