Infinite Wide Area Networking
Simple. Secure. Cost Effective.

Why use iWAN?

Infinite Wide Area Networking (iWAN) is a robust offering that companies leverage to improve inter-office connectivity and improved access to the Infinite Cloud.  iWAN is one of the most economical and secure methods in which Infinite IT delivers customized Hybrid Cloud solutions to users across North America daily.

iWAN has won numerous awards for the design and efficiencies that customers leverage to keep their offices and users connected in the most secure, available and controlled way.  Gone are the days that companies need to deal with the bit carriers, getting thrown into a faceless cue.  With Infinite IT’s iWAN solution you are our number one priority.

  • Flexibility with Rack-to-Rack Service

  • Lower Costs with 8IT Competitive Prices

  • Faster time to Market with Rapid Provisioning

  • Peace of mind with our One-Stop-Shop

  • Simplicity with Native Ethernet

  • Redundancy and Transparency Made Easy

  • North-American Connectivity and Most Coverage

  • Award Winning Cusomter Solutions