👤- Hi, is this Pizza Peter?
📞- No, sir, it’s Pizza Google
👤- Oh, sorry, wrong number
📞- Actually, no, sir, Google bought them out!
👤- So take my order please……
📞- OK, sir, want your regular
👤- Why, do you know me?
📞- According to our caller ID app, the last 12 times you called, you ordered cheese, sauce, olives…
👤- Yeah, that’s it!
📞- May I suggest that this time you take ricotta, bell pepper and dried tomatoes?
👤- What? I hate vegetables!
📞- But you cholesterol is not good.
👤- How do you know?
📞- By using our subscribers’ guide, we have your blood test results from the last 7 years…
👤- Alright! But I don’t want a pizza like that, as I’m already taking tablets.
📞- But you haven’t been taking them regularly. You only bought 30 tablets 4 months ago in the pharmacy.
👤- I bought more in another pharmacy.
📞- That purchase doesn’t appear on your credit card….
👤- ‘Coz I paid cash!
📞- But you haven’t made any cash withdrawals according to your current account in the bank…
👤- I have another source of cash.
📞- It doesn’t look like that according to your last tax return, unless you have an undisclosed source….
👤- Aarrgghh! That’s enough! I’m sick of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. I’m going to a desert island without Internet, no telephone lines and no cellular!
📞- I understand, sir, but your passport expired 5 weeks ago……..