Our Statements



 To be so valuable to a client’s business operations that they couldn’t imagine being without Infinite IT’s support. 


Infinite IT will continue to deliver award winning technology solutions to the mid -market enterprise by industry renowned experts. Infinite IT’s employees will continue to be trained professionals and highly certified. We will use proven methodologies to enhance, optimize and drive our client’s fiscal responsibility. We will continue to build lasting relationships through positive customer experiences.


The Reason for Infinite IT: 

We grew from a start-up to a sensation overnight having won Top Solution Provider in Canada within the first 24 months of the new management team and brand being born. Since then we are keenly focused on delivering an unmeasurable customer experience to ensure financial viability and longevity.

Team Infinite accepts the responsibilities of our actions, and strives to deliver Customer Service Excellence in a positive team environment. Having a respectful workplace that Team members look forward to going to every day is essential to our culture.

Team members must always act with integrity, honesty and be passionate in what we are doing. The Team is only as successful as our support mesh is for each other, so it is vital for everyone to provide undying support, encourage open communication for all to share their opinions and views, while enabling everyone to grow as individuals as well as a solid Team.

We ultimately exist to serve, and do so with pride. That is where our Team motto was born:

Making IT Work, Because WE Can.