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Why use iPC?

Infinite Proactive Care (iPC) helps take the guesswork out of IT.  Leveraging only the best technologies available, Infinite IT has invested heavily in the tools and platforms to help predict failures, mitigate risk and enjoy the benefits typically out of financial reach for the SMB Enterprise organization. 

Most customers that enjoy the benefits of iPC have realized improved IT performance, increased productivity, better management of their environment and elimination of virtually all technological outages.  The result is a happier workforce, better reputation for IT internally, and ultimately a more reliable infrastructure.

Proactive Monitoring

Personalized technical support department 24x7x365 (iTAC).

Right Product First Time

Our solutions don’t expire, you can use them as long as your technology equipment functions.

Work with the Best

Benefit from the highest quality of IT resources with specialized, certified, and knowledgeable technicians. 

Reduce Risk

Pro-active maintenance solution, mitigating downtime risk and maximizing employee productivity.


Anytime Support

The iPC will be there to ensure your technology assets are covered.



Anytime Support

Infinite IT will ensure the right-sized equipment is purchased, with no over-spend.



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• Risk management & secure digital ecosystems
• Premium collocation, interconnection & support services
• Flexibility and security
• Full control
• Take advantage of scalability & flexibility to occupancy
• Optimize & reduce your operation costs
• Increase profits by relieving resources


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