Infinite IT was truly honoured and humbled at the event held at the Old Mill Toronto, one of the most exclusive luxury event centres in the city that hosted the most exclusive event of the year.

On the evening of Feb 2 2017, Infinite IT’s CEO and founder Joe Ussia was attending the event as a guest panellist to speak to the Canadian channel on what it is we need manufacturers and distribution to do for mutual success.  At the conclusion of the panel that Ussia sat on, the ceremonies for the Channel awards began.  Ironically, Ussia had not expected to receive such an honour that evening, having been declared by TechnoPlanet’s team as the Best Managed IT Company in Canada.  Ussia felt very proud of all the accomplishments made over the years as this award was truly a validation of the dream that was defined so many years earlier.

“I feel so humbled” stated Ussia after the ceremony.  “It is such an incredible honour to be considered the best of the best while being surrounded by only the best the industry has to offer.” 

As one of the leading business awards in Canada that recognizes excellence in business performance, best practices, efficient processes and sustained growth, the award highlights and identifies who the best companies truly are by evaluating 12 key areas of business.  This process benchmarked many of the 8,000+ IT organizations in Canada, which ultimately identified Infinite IT as the best of the best IT Managed Services companies in Canada.  Only those organizations that lead in the marketplace are able to execute with high precision and accuracy, enabling our customers to have worry-free IT, which was one of the biggest differentiators that Infinite IT has.

“We strive to maintain the highest value for our customers and forge forward re-defining our business all the time to meet the ever-changing demands placed upon us.” Stated managing partner and CIO Christopher Stock.  “Having your processes and internal workflow evaluated and benchmarked is quite intimidating.  You always believe you are doing great, and strive to do amazing things for your clients but to have it validated by a professional third party organization says you actually are doing things right.”

The management team at Infinite IT meets on a frequent basis to analyze and scrutinise our processes.  For years now we have evaluated ourselves against previous months and years to gauge our progress and improve the customer experience. 

“Our customers define how we support them” stated Ussia.  “We always ask for feedback and take it very seriously.  Our customers are our true bosses, and we need to listen to their needs in order to grow and become the best of the best.”

Infinite IT wishes to thank TechnoPlanet for managing the award process and all our customers that enable us to be the great company that we are today.