Toronto, ON, Canada – August 18, 2016 – Infinite IT is pleased to announce the official launch of the newly redesigned website, aimed to communicate more effectively what we do as a company, who we do it for and what our customers have to say about us.

“I’m excited to launch our new website, and to be able to match our online presence with all the new things we have been up to at Infinite IT. Along with a more contemporary design, changes have been made site-wide to help find information faster.” said Tania Galovic, Marketing Manager.

The new website offers a robust home page featuring “What we have been up to”, an informational video feed from Infinite IT and our clients as well as a cleaner layout that makes finding whatever you need in 1 click.

New technologies were also deployed with the new website, leveraging collaborative integration that has never been done before.  “Integrating our internal Instant Messenger (Cisco Jabber) with our public website to deliver a seamless and simple experience had never been done before.  Now when customers are surfing our website, if they ever need help or need to speak with someone, it will connect the user with someone at Infinite IT instantly no matter where our staff are,” stated Chris Stock, CIO at Infinite IT.  It was a big challenge to integrate the different platforms, but that’s what we do here: push the envelope to make technology work for our clients to deliver the ultimate experience.

About Infinite IT Solutions

Infinite IT Solutions is an award winning full service technology consulting and solutions provider in Canada.  Since 1999, Infinite IT has been addressing real Business Technology Solutions that matter to Mid-Market organizations.  With a keep focus on solving business objectives that provide good financial value, Infinite IT delivers to tens of thousands of employees across Canada and the United States daily.

Infinite IT’s customized “Infinite Cloud” portfolio is a unique offering that was developed exclusively for Infinite IT’s customers and offers best of what a Managed Service Provider, Telco, and Value Added Reseller can offer, all in one.  The Infinite Cloud enables customers to address different aspects of their business without ever losing control or compromising security.  

When Infinite IT’s clients have needs related to IT, Connectivity, Collaboration, Cloud, Business Continuity, and Security, they call the solution provider that has become plumber and “super-highway” provider of choice.

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