Why use Infinite Cloud?

Infinite IT Solutions has built a comprehensive and reliable private cloud platform based on client demand.

Infinite IT’s Cloud Solution, known as The Infinite Cloud, is a platform that has been developed exclusively for Infinite IT’s customers.  It is a unique platform that brings the best of what a Managed Service Provider, Telco, and Value Added Reseller can offer, all in one.  iCloud is a true hybrid cloud solution for your business.

Our services include

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Public Cloud Services
  • ExpressRoute Connectivity
  • Private Connectivity to several leading cloud platforms


The Infinite Cloud enables medium sized business to access a Proactively Managed Private Cloud without ever losing control or compromising security. It plugs in where and when the business objectives demand it. It moulds to corporate network. The Infinite Cloud portfolio includes five main solution pillars to serve any business:






Managed Data Centre Solutions

• Infinite Business Continuity – (iDataBC)
• Infinite Co Location – (iData CoLo)
• Infinite Data Services – (iData Serv)
• Infinite Disaster Recover – (iData DR) 


Private Wide Area Networking

• Connect all end points to your cloud 
• Proactively manage connectivity
• Full QoS • Coax / Copper
• Fiber • Wireless


Managed Security Services

• Infinite Firewall (iSecure Firewall)
• Infinite Anti-Spam (iSecure XSpam)
• Infinite Virtual Private Network (iSecure VPN)


Managed Cloud-Based Applications

• Infinite Safe – Managed Data Back Up (iSafe)
• Infinite Vault – Cloud Based Long-Term Data Vaulting (iVault)


Managed Support Services

• Infinite Proactive Care (iPC)
• Infinite Critical Care (iCC)
• Infinite Care (iCare)

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