Professional Services organizations are different from most other types of business. Your business is to sell a professional service to your customers. You may not have the expertise or specialization to run a virtualized data centre, administer complex unified communications infrastructure, or run video in house thereby reducing travel costs while increasing the high-touch service your customers have come to expect of you.

As a professional service organization, Infinite IT can help you excel your business leveraging our services and support. Our demo rooms and alternate workspace can help you excel faster.

Professional Services

Health Care

Health Care providers have always struggled with the “Want” versus “Budget” dilemma. The result is compromising the two to make things work. Infinite IT has worked with several health care providers over the years to build strategic and sound multi-year plans to address both needs, while mitigating risks and ensuring data security. Recently, Infinite IT won several awards for a unique cloud solution that delivered an astonishingly low total cost of ownership and respected Canadian laws (while avoiding any Patriot Act risks).


Over the years the leaders at Infinite IT have worked closely with law firms from the smallest sizes right up to the largest law firms in Canada. Understanding law firms and the processes is something that is unique to the legal vertical, and Infinite IT truly understands the innards of a practice. From leading the largest unified communications solution ever deployed at a law firm in Canada, to integrating virtualized infrastructure to support the unique aspects of most practices, the leaders at Infinite IT have delivered time and time again building a sound reputation of being reliable, ethical and experienced.


Infinite IT serves several mid-market enterprise organizations in different ways: in some cases, our staff act as the sole IT decision making authority within a pre-defined annual budget. In other cases we act as the escalation point for the internal help desk and support the more complex systems. Whatever your manufacturing plan needs are, Infinite IT has deployed and managed the most complex technologies in the harshest environments known to the human race.


For many years Infinite IT has worked with several engineering firms, at both the regional and multi-national levels. We have delivered award winning solutions to help address networking, data reliability, security, data centre and unified communications strategies. Helping engineering firms keep ahead of the competition is what we are known to do.


Over the years, Infinite IT has worked with accounting firms, both small and large. We have helped our customers establish a reliable network, protect it with advanced security technologies, and streamlined their communications. Accounting and technology go hand in hand, integrating best solutions for your organization to deliver efficient results with highest regard to security and delivery. You can count on us.


In the recent years Infinite IT has been working with some of the best retail companies in Canada. We understand the needs our retail clients face and we deliver the most interactive advanced solutions which help those organization get noticed. Our award winning solutions have proven to give our retail clients the competitive advantage they always wanted.


Infinite IT has worked with the government for many years, and notably our team has been recognized for protecting a Municipality from an international cyberattack. Our team successfully helped the municipality stay protected and was awarded for the best “mobile, security, and service” solutions because of it. We have the best resources and team to keep your data protected!