It’s during business hours and we receive a phone call. At one point or another, our customers tell us that one of the obstacles they face is communication. They rely on receiving the right information from someone that is impartial and isn’t going to be explicitly a hard-core sales person. When attending and listening to our customer’s stories we know that they hate being lied to, told inaccurate statistics, misleading facts or just being simply misled for a sales quota.

Sell! Sell! Sell! The assumption that much of the sales force dream of selling even at night is something we would like to argue wrong. However, there is some truth to it when the core objective for most companies is as basic and mundane as revenue, numbers and profits. 

What about the customer?  We understand that in an ever-changing world companies need to be able to flex and mould themselves in synchronization to the customer. Unfortunately, a majority of the business tend to lose and forget the necessary focus required for a customer.  A question we would like to ask for our customer’s behalf is why is there continuously a lack of information sharing? As our perspective issues, no one wants to explain things anymore without having the PO already being issued.

A philosophy that our team adheres by is that the customer should ALWAYS come first. Regardless of what the vendor or manufacturer states, we aim and strive in putting the clients first. Why?

The majority of our clients know one fact:  we will put them first. Consistently and effectively, our meek approach towards customers has focused our solutions towards making sure they are not buying more than something they need. Our sales force will not sell for the sake of making the sale.  It’s not how we are wired – and it does not abide by our principles.

Recently when our CEO, Joe Ussia was in California for an event, he came across a gentleman who spoke to him regarding our sales approach. He claimed that these principles were backwards and stated that we were out of our minds for leaving money on the table. He specified,

“I would never do that. Every dollar I close is a dollar earned.  I would never leave money behind. I always get all of my customers budgets and maximise every sales opportunity possible – regardless if they need it or not.  Why shouldn’t I take their money if they are willing to give it to me?”

 In awe, Joe Ussia asked if he knew his customers real budget, and sure enough, he said they don’t share that info with him. He is a vendor after all. Joe Ussia explained that our customers often share their budgets as we plan strategically to maximize their dollar value and benefit our client’s business as efficiently as possible.  He tried to tell the gentleman how we aim to be strategic to our customers, by not forcing products or services they obviously do not need. Because this is IT, and It’s about the long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, the gentleman did not want to understand this concept and stated that it takes too much energy to help, and that most customers are not loyal enough to warrant that much effort.  We cannot understand his mentality.

We enjoy making the right decisions. We love learning inside and out about our client’s business so we can make a lasting impact on their company. We enjoy watching them go above their fiscal profits and receive the best bang for their dollar.  It makes our sales force feel good, and that’s why we love our jobs. Being honest and strategic beyond seems to be an art that is quickly fading. We enjoy the high-touch consultative sales cycle. And Infinite IT often won’t charge for advice even if it does not always result in a sale.  Often, we find ourselves guiding a customer to avoid spend in order to preserve their budget for more critical needs.

Being a pioneer in our industry we take pride knowing that the customer will then make the right decision and enjoy knowing the success they will have because of us. 

Monetary?  Hardly. But knowing we helped has its own gratification that we enjoy.  We aim to be trusted, and that is how Joe Ussia runs the organization.  Do right by the customer – it almost always pays off.  And when we put the phone down after our conversation with the client, we pride ourselves knowing that our principles are where they are, because we chose to listen. 

This “cloud” topic for companies is mysterious to many.  What platform?  Which provider?  How to migrate properly?  Minimize cost yet maximize efficiencies, and while at it, make sure it runs.  It’s a crazy new world we live in. 

So here is our pitch to the world.  We are happy to help no matter what.

Want advice on Office 365?  Need help choosing the right voice solution, internet service or even security software?  Let us know. We love helping those that want to make the right decisions to run their business more effectively. And hopefully, one day you will either pay it forward or maybe even do business with Infinite IT.

Because relying on subject matter experts is the only way to make informed decisions. Especially when you do not have an IT person on staff.