Most people don’t know that they are about to be at risk as they missed a notification that hasn’t really been advertised that could impact the security posture of many organizations.  Ironically, a few years after Intel bought the security brand known as McAfee, it has begun to make some serious changes to the legacy product lineup.

When Intel made the announcement in August 2010 of the intent to purchase McAfee, everyone in the industry was opposed to the transaction.  Intel paid $7.68 Billion USD for McAfee, and the net result has been a blundering market share with lower customer confidence in the security brand. I am sure that wasn’t the intent that Intel had, but the results are undeniable.  In October 2015, Intel announced that they are putting an end to all McAfee email security products.  They have advised customer to transition to a different solution as soon as possible. 

Customers need a more comprehensive security strategy, as none of us are immune to attacks.  In fact, the majority of companies have been attacked in one way or another over the past 12 months alone with most people not even realizing they have been.

Attacks are not always something that you are made aware of.  For example, many computers are silent slaves to hackers, empowering the hacker to utilize the PC to hack other computers without the user ever realizing it.  Those silent Trojans are much more of a threat than most realize, as they are now a tool for the hackers to remain anonymous and continue causing issues for others, while leaving their own machines exposed to data breaches and other personal information being stolen.

The fact that Intel has begun discontinuing McAfee products is more of a concern than not.  There are many companies that will be left exposed, likely without realizing it until it’s too late, all because they likely disregard warning messages from the software (etc.)  Infinite IT has a sound migration path for any company using McAfee products.  Let us know if you are affected and we can make the transition very easy for you.

What can a company do to protect themselves?

The good news is that there IS a solution to the problem, and it is actually easier than you think to find.  We recommend working with a company (like Infinite IT) known for managing security for your company.  Using a simple monthly-subscription ensures that you are always up to date, have a proper security strategy in place, and always have a current subscription.  It is something that needs to be taken more seriously by companies as everyone feels immune until it’s too late.

Having a multi-faceted strategy with multiple layers of security in place is critical.  Using a sound strategy that is unique to your company’s needs (technologically and financially) can be a daunting task to decipher.  One must also consider the fact that a monthly (or quarterly) review of the solution needs to take place in order to ensure the plan in place is effective and working.  Partnering with a company that specializes in SMB security solutions that are both effective and affordable is the only real way to make sure your company is protected.  Not taking security seriously is worse than giving out your pin from your debit card, because at least the banks have a fraud detection department working around the clock to mitigate those risks.  Isn’t it time that your company deserved a sensible security strategy to protect your most valuable assets?