Microsoft vs Gmail vs GoDaddy

Infinite IT has partnered with the industry leading collaboration platforms to bring you world-class technology solutions at the most affordable price possible. Today we are reviewing Microsoft vs Gmail vs GoDaddy email platforms.  Here is a high-level review of what we have found online, which our customers seem to agree with.  If you are considering [...]

Cyber Security

Over the past year, we have seen such a major uptake in security concerns from our clients.  From simple firewall breach concerns, to social engineering attacks, companies are clearly starting to realize the real threat of security breaches. Everyone has heard about the major ones that affect millions of people.  Home Depot, Equifax, What we [...]

What really happens when you transmit info over the Internet vs. Layer 2?

You can think of the internet and Layer 2 connections in terms of your daily commute. You know that feeling when you’re late for a meeting and conveniently there’s a huge traffic jam on your regular route? “No, no, no, NOT TODAY,” so you frantically start going down back roads and [...]


For all of our friends and clients that use a Mac computer, be sure to update your machine. There is a MAJOR security flaw that is now widely known. Apple just released a fix but it's up to you to update your machine, and we STRONGLY recommend you do this otherwise you are leaving [...]

Uber Cyberattack

Cyberattacks are happening more often and every single day. Statistically, one in four people are affected by a cyberattack every sixty seconds. And to think this is just the beginning! Last year, darling company Uber suffered a very large-scale in October 2016. The data from over 57 million customers and drivers was exposed, [...]

How to check where your Office 365 Tenant is Hosted

Previous articles discussed the importance of knowing where your data is located, and a simple way to determine which services are available to you in your country or region.  Today we will demonstrate a more technical way to validate where your data is at rest, and where services are being delivered from. In an [...]

Office 365: Where is my Data Stored?

In our previous blog, we talked about the importance about where data is stored and why you may want to know.  Today we will discuss how to find out where your data is stored in the Microsoft cloud, and how to pinpoint which country your data resides in.  This information is particularly useful [...]


Many people have always said that plugging in is always more secure than wireless connectivity.  Wireless advocates have anyways claimed that wireless can be as secure as wired (some even bold to say “if not more secure”).  Although plugging in may be the most “secure” way, the truth is, nothing is impermeable.  [...]

The reality of the internet (humor)

👤- Hi, is this Pizza Peter? 📞- No, sir, it’s Pizza Google 👤- Oh, sorry, wrong number 📞- Actually, no, sir, Google bought them out! 👤- So take my order please…... 📞- OK, sir, want your regular 👤- Why, do you know me? 📞- According to our caller ID app, the last [...]

Where is my data stored?

Recently, we have seen several clients ask us questions about where their data is being stored with respects to their Office 365 solution. After much discussion with our Microsoft partner channels team, and several hours of research, we are putting this short blog out for our Office 365 clients to help understand where [...]