Demystifying Unified Collaboration Options – Part 1

In this 2-part series, we are reviewing different Unified Collaboration platforms and putting the two giants up against each other to compare the platforms: Microsoft versus Cisco.Unified collaboration platforms seem to be popping up by [...]

The Difference that is Infinite IT Solutions

Joe Ussia, co-owner of Infinite IT Solutions was interviewed during a live CDN debate. The discussion was centered on how to approach SMBs.Knowing that their relatively small budget was always on their minds, the problem [...]

Who’s Afraid Of The Clouds?

I cold call SMB, and when I get to talk to IT managers, I hear the same fears: security risk, loss of control, and for some, loss of job.I thought that this time around, [...]

You’re Not Going To SOPA me!

Indulge me, guys. I am going to momentarily veer away from IT-related issues.But, come to think of it, it just might have an effect - maybe a long term effect, a negative one maybe [...]