The importance of IPV6

Many people are wondering what the importance really is of IPV6.  Others wonder what the heck IPV4 and IPV6 really are anyways!To keep it simple, it’s an address.  Internet Protocol Version 4 or [...]

Is your data being watched?

Recently, we had a customer that had a website compromised by a simple code exploit from an open source menu system.  The code was used on a page deep in their website and had been [...]

Why outsource IT?

Many organizations are struggling with the concept of outsourcing some or all of their IT.  We hear about it all the time.  In an attempt to answer some of the most common objectives to outsourcing, [...]


There is something to be said about the pain of managing and remembering passwords.  Everyone knows that I am THE WORST at remembering mine, and it’s mainly because I have a running total of over [...]

Solving Secure Passwords

We have many customers that always complain about traditional passwords and how to make managing them less painful.  Some companies have rolled out two-factor authentication as a means to help maintain their password integrity and [...]

Why care about the “Authorized Channel” Anyways?

Many customers believe that buying from an authorized channel only causes price increases, unnecessary delays in procurement, and fighting for discounts that the unauthorized channel appears to get upfront is unfair and cumbersome.  But there [...]

Dell buys EMC in historical deal – could change the IT landscape for good

The landscape of IT has changed drastically since I started working in it over 20 years ago.  I remember the days when Orchestra monitors were amazing, SoundBlaster adding an extra 8 bits to a sound [...]

Do you have a “business baby”?

Ever wonder what happens when you go to sleep and your business keeps going? Will something go wrong, will the disgruntled employee try to wreak havoc, will some unforeseen mess cost you more money than [...]

The evolution of social media’s impact on our lives

Many organizations today are trying to figure out how to contend with disruptive technologies. If one were to think about it, in 1999 the BlackBerry was quite disruptive. I remember sitting in a meeting with [...]

Disruptive Technologies – Are you ready?

Opbrud (Danish)Ontwrichting (Dutch)Pagputol (Filipino)Perturbation (French)Unterbrechung (German)Rottura (Italian)Trastorno (Spanish)No matter how you say it or what language it is in, disruption is usually a negative thing. By every online dictionary I could fine, the definition of [...]

Change is always upon us!

Infinite IT has just learned that the President of Cisco Canada and good friend to our company Nitin Kawale has resigned from Cisco after being with the company for 19 years. He is now [...]

Demystifying Unified Collaboration Options – Part 2

While Cisco offers a market leading and comprehensive unified collaboration portfolio, other industry leaders such as Microsoft also have a compelling story. Their major draw back is the dependence on third party manufacturers which makes [...]