Security – Always being ON GUARD FOR THEE!

Most of us take it for granted that the “big software” companies will just “auto-magically” protect us. Because of course, we have a $25 antivirus application on our computer that [...]

Infinite IT Solution’s partnership with OpenDNS

When it comes to protecting intellectual and sensitive data, lack of real time alertness seems to rule the day. It is a sad reality that is crippling so many large companies every day, [...]

Looking for a new device? Want to compare Android brands?

Android OS on the mobile handheld has become as pervasive as Windows OS to the desktop and VMware for server virtualization.  They are, without much dispute, the current day standards that the [...]

We Have A WINNER!!!

Some say that winning awards isn’t that important.  Those are the type of people that do not work at Infinite IT. To us, awards are vital to our success as they validate what we [...]

END OF LIFE FOR MCAFEE – What should you do next?

Most people don’t know that they are about to be at risk as they missed a notification that hasn’t really been advertised that could impact the security posture of many organizations.  Ironically, a few years [...]

Malware Attacks in Canada on the Rise – are you protected?

In the security world, it is common to find certain threats with a regionalized approach.  Traditionally, that approach was something that would shift from geography to geography after months of targeting specific demographics within that [...]

WebEx announces End of Life support for BlackBerry

It is of no surprise that Cisco WebEx has decided to cut off BlackBerry from their popular online collaboration platform. In an email sent out by Cisco today, WebEx stated:We appreciate and support the diversity [...]

Aligning your CEO and CIO Expectations – what is really going on?

Aligning your CEO and CIO Expectations – what is really going on?A recent article published by Info-Tech Research polled more than 250 CEO and CIO professionals along with over 2,500 IT department employees and [...]

What is ROI anyways?

One of the most subjective figures in IT is what we call “Return on Investment”.  What does it really mean anyways?Our clients talk about getting the best ROI from IT all the time, and quite [...]

Top 5 Tips on how to make Windows 10 even better!

Everyone has their “tips and tricks” on how to make the latest installment of the Microsoft Windows platform more enjoyable. Many people tout how to make it prettier. Or how to enable fancy features. I [...]

Windows 10 “FREE” Upgrade Expiring Soon!

I will be the first to say it. I hesitated upgrading to Windows 10 Pro because I enjoyed Windows 7 Pro so much that Windows 8.0 and 8.1 both paled in comparison. Sure they brought [...]

Business Grade for Businesses Only Please…

Did you ever notice that different brands of technology equipment can significantly vary in price for seemingly similar technologies? Some would argue that it's because one brand wants to charge more for the same or [...]